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    Posted on January 9th, 2009

    Written by Silverado Chiropractic


    In 1997, it was estimated that Americans made nearly 192 million visits a year to chiropractors. Over 88 million of those visits were to treat back or neck pain.

    In one recent survey, more than 40 percent of patients receiving chiropractic care were being treated for back or low-back problems. More than half of those surveyed said that their symptoms were chronic.

    Conditions commonly treated by chiropractors include:

    • back pain
    • neck pain
    • headaches
    • sports injuries
    • repetitive strain

    Patients also seek treatment of pain associated with other conditions, such as arthritis.

    Low-back pain is a common medical problem, occurring in up to one-quarter of the population each year. Most people experience significant back pain at least once during their lifetime.

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